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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Arvo Zylo - Sequencer Works Volume Two

Sequencer Works is an interesting output from Arvo Zylo. An earlier work not anywhere near the industrial noise scope of some of his more recent releases. This cassette was just released at the end of last year but was recorded over ten years ago. This is similar to controlled bedlam, sounds recorded like pictures being taken of an entire assembly factory, all moving parts on one expansive image. As you look at the details of this snapshot, you can hear each individual process sustained clearly and exactingly.

Nine tracks, all titled the same with their corresponding track number. Around sixty minutes of music pouring expansive sonic variations from your speakers. Rhythms and beats sometimes noisy and violent other times subtle and subdued. Like a trip through a carnival both nightmarish and joyful simultaneously.

This is out on the No Part Of It label and available at their bandcamp page. Songs over driven into a world blurring reality and mental thresholds.  

No Part Of It site - bandcamp