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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bent Pyramid Trio / The Shouts From The Sea - Split

Two live recordings from different artists both channeling from a mysterious single source. The Bent Pyramid Trio & The Shouts From The Sea, each have roughly twenty minutes on this new cassette from Eiderdown Records. Be ready... These creations live and breath, creeping out of your speakers to cultivate in your psyche.

Sounds on the verge of diverging into the disintegrating world of noise or tranquility of music. Hitting like a line drive down the middle, it is hard to tell if these recordings are going to drop into the field of play or go over the fence. The Bent Pyramid Trio side is Ambrosia Bartosek, James McClellan & Adam Svensona. A haunting composition of things sliding on strings, eerie background wailings and sounds of chaotic meditations by stumbling spiritual wise men. The beginning starts out with more tempo then settles in for a very introspective ride. The Shouts From The Sea side is Patrick Cain & Phong Tran. Residing on the dark sides of planets that never turn to face the sun. Hollow noises that somehow have infinite depth. Chirping and bleeping as the entire sound project lifts from the murky planet floor and ascends into an atmosphere straining to stay together. More nightmarish sounds that want to drone on but have entirely to much energy to ever settle down.

This came out in March of 2016 in an edition of ninety from Eiderdown Records. Beautiful artwork on high end covers. Eiderdown is absolutely making the cassette world more elegant. Copies are available from the label's bandcamp page.   

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