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Friday, April 29, 2016

Bonding Tapes - Quality Time Vol. 2

A year and a half ago Bonding Tapes delivered their debut, Quality Time Volume 1. With the labels ninth release and sixth cassette, Quality Time goes into extended play. The follow up to their debut is simply titled Quality Time Volume 2. Many of the artist on the first cassette are here again and many new artists make their mark on this incredibly diverse offering.

Much like the Quality Time Vol. 1, this cassette is a journey into a world of beats and samples. All of the tracks feel heavy, like this is serious, and it is. Twenty eight tracks setting the standards for the directions the label enjoys traveling in. On this venture, Quality Time is going even farther with thirty more minutes and i think ten more true tracks.

Comparing the past to the present helps, but the substantial validation is how does the tape sound as a whole. So many different artists can cause coherency to be muddled or lost. This amazingly is not the case at all. Quality Time Volume 2 plays like a two thousand piece puzzle, perfectly completed and no pieces missing. There is a beautiful ebb and flow when listening to this. Some times you feel energized and ramped up, then you sink into your sitting place and let the smokey sounds immerse your presence.

The artists that contributing tracks to both Quality Time installments like DMN SLYR, Sonic D, The Koreatown Oddity, QBLA, Radio 92, VNCF, Dolphin Brain, SR388, Oasyum, David Peck, Tim Cosner, have continued the solidness of the tapes title. The new artists have fit right in creating a seamless transition and additionally making both Quality Time projects their own entities. You will get lost in this tape, a good lost, the sounds extend in all directions and create so many different moods. 

Bonding Tapes is based in San Diego and has been steadily staking the ground with the music that they enjoy. The label has an ear for hearing so many great artists and is helping new listeners experience how significant this style of music is. If you have not purchased a release from Bonding Tapes, just start here. This one could be in your tape player all summer.

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