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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

braeyden jae ​/​ ant'lrd split

The first release on cassette for Whited Sepulchre brings two heavies to your speakers with Braeyden Jae and Ant'lrd. This amazing combination of artist works incredibly well together. Each side is over twenty minutes in length and it is a blurred out drone entanglement of beautiful compositions. Both artist have produced plush soundscapes that seem to have only subtle differences. This makes the entire cassette play especially polished together and from side to side you will be lost in it's essence.

Braeyden Jae's contribution fills the sound spectrum with his signature celestial organ. Monumental drone utilizing the vast expanses where sound can go. On one side, clean and unencumbered beauty from the most sacred cathedral. Simultaneously arriving in your ears with a crumbling electronic landslide, filling all the cracks and crevasses of your thoughts. Braeyden has a special talent for turning sounds inside out and exposing their internal exquisiteness. He has the ability to highlight and augment how the wear of time can cause a new horizon of allure.

Side two of this cassette reveals Ant'lrd in a pleasing approach. Six tracks divided into two suites. Slowly building sonic landscapes, beautiful, like glacial eras of time. As the planet wobbles and the poles reverse, Ant'lrd captures this fluctuation in it's sonic splendor. The world stabilizes and continues with billions of years of existence. This twenty minute microcosm of sound, revealing a world none of heard before. If you could listen to the movement of earth's plates across the crust, Ant'lrd could be the conduit for this. Physical drone that seems to bubble at times rooting your consciousnesses only to gather support for the journey upwards.

There are eighty two of these cassettes in the first release for Whited Sepulchre Records. They are available from the labels bandcamp page alone or bundled with a beautiful lp from braeyden jae.
Do not wait too long, less than twenty percent remain.

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