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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Braeyden Jae - Fog Mirror

Spending time near the edges of vast expanses allows the human mind to rationalize existence between microcosmos and the universe. This is done every night staring into space, spending time on the coast or peering across a vast flat land. Vision is how consciousness perceives it's place in the larger scheme. Braeyden Jae has been achieving this same effect with his sound compositions and this new lp titled Fog Mirror, is really an incredible triumph.

Hearing the distant and at the same time the hum of the molecules in motion just outside your ears. Close your eyes and your thoughts will take you so far away, and still be able to discern the smallest details. Fog Mirror is like listening through an old window, allowing you to hear as far as the glass will let you, and at the same time noticing the imperfections of the of the hand made portal. Braden McKenna the artist who is Braeyden Jae, has approached this composition with skilled care. The tone used rests in a majestic place and never seems to pull you into a introspective nightmare. Braden choices propel your thoughts along with well crafted drone. Like clouds in the sky with edges decaying and growing all in one moment. The entire scene moving at a barely perceptible pace. Rooted in a glacial gait, listening to Fog Mirror depicts how the process of erosion will always cause something else to flourish.

Looking through the releases of Braeyden Jae, I think this is the first on vinyl. And what an incredible job Whited Sepulchre Records has done with this lp. Heavy 150 gram white vinyl with a tasteful album cover. I love the combination of artwork and real photography. Pretty cool to flip an album over and see the artist on the back. This second Whited Sepulchre Records release was done in edition of two hundred and twenty. Available from the labels bandcamp page by itself or with their first cassette release as a bundle. I am sure both of the labels first two releases will be sold out in the near future.

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