Quickly Sold Out

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Simon Kingston - 4 Stupid Songs / If It's Dead Don't Eat It

Amazingly lo-fi and beautiful. Simon Kingston has a real talent and does not need the contraptions of the modern world. Songs grab the late twenties blues and propel forward almost a century. Gathering influence and styles over the decades, as the core mutates, then shedding off all genres and coming to rest with 4 Stupid Songs & If It's Dead Don't Eat It.

Simon unleashes fourteen tracks of crumbled thoughts about life and the figures who wander through. Pop songs decaying to the uncomplicated fibers holding music together. This is uncooked music waiting for listeners to bake it in to their heads. The guitar playing is really nice, but the vocals and thinking behind them are the real allurement. Simon has the special gift of being able to deliver himself as a living soul. A few listens to this cassette will make this very certain.

Out on OJC Recordings in February in a run of fifty. There are twenty five for sale at the label and twenty five for sale at Simon's bandcamp page. Another find or rescue from OJC Recordings. Time has the ability to obscure but the OJC radar can see through dark and foggy conditions.

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Simon Kingston - bandcamp