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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

WILT - Nocturnal Requiem

I am staring at a map of the Hunnic Empire around 450AD. The movement of the Huns throughout what is now Europe becomes alive. Their conquests and sufferings burn into your thoughts augmented by Nocturnal Requiem playing as the map animates itself. WILT, the project of James Keeler, is grandiose in scope like the conquest of Attila. For some, like the Huns, beautiful and awakening while others, whose land is fertile, evoke shuddersome feelings of a dire world slipping from their grasps.

Nocturnal Requiem is somewhere near an hour of ambient beauty from bleakness. A sonic world the listener falls into, landing on some isolated outcropping and unable to move or touch anything. The sounds of this world are intense and mysterious and permeate your lonely position from every direction. As the title states, this is a requiem, but all things concerning the repose of dead souls do not have to be bleak or disheartening. Nocturnal Requiem could be heard from a conduit connecting the underworld, but for others, simply sounds of the world just outside your body. James definitely has the talent and ability to make this listening experience exceptionally beautiful. He also delivers this composition directly in the center of the field, allowing many different feelings to expand in any direction. Dense pastoral scenes of realities in some flux of experience. Never jagged or piercing, more vast and expansive like amber skies just before the color goes away or moonlit valleys where distance and definition blur into the night.

This is out on the No Part Of It label. Recorded a few years ago, but just released in December of 2015. The digital download has three more tracks than the compact disc. The cd sounds really good though and will be a beautiful composition to return to for many future listens.

No Part Of It site - bandcamp
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