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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Braeyden Jae - Perpetual Child

Braeyden Jae opens up his consciousness again and transcribes over forty minutes of his signature done on this cassette titled Perpetual Child. The richness of generations decomposing on brittle 16mm film can be heard as new energy being projected burns through the hairline cracks of the acetate. Crumbling away into white thought or elevated meditation.

Perpetual Child has a very melodic natural dance within it's scenic offerings. Like trees moving in a comfortable silent breeze. It is difficult to describe the feeling of this composition from Braeyden Jae. I really think Perpetual Child has the ability to mirror many of our internal feelings. Maybe not anger or extreme sadness, but more melancholy or peaceful content. All this from just side one titled "Too Much"! The second side creates a more introspective environment. The sounds take your thoughts by the hand and lead in the direction of mystifying wonder. Like the rumbling drone of a jet plane turbine as heard while looking through a small window onto the world below. Imagining life at the surface and how the world was formed.

This is out from the Warsaw, Poland label Wounded Knife. Outstanding Braeyden Jae from a label that has plenty to say. This tape has sold out from the label like all of their releases. Keep a look out for Perpetual Child at the distros or discogs. Wounded Knife has new batch just out with four new cassettes all available! Check out these releases here before they are gone as well.

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