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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Havenaire - Tremolo

John Roger Olsson's project Havenaire burns in scattered images of distant lights seen from mountain heights. Focusing in on any track reveals both the beautiful and the hidden uncertainty sound can create. What goes on there, far off in an unreachable place? A fire burning and people slumbered about, or some unending night ritual summoning the deities from the earth.

Tremolo rolls in at eight tracks and well over thirty five minutes. An ambient collage that stakes the middle ground between tranquilized delicacy and a creeping felling of things lurking beyond the light. In either direction the composition is solidified in being diverse and maintaining a nucleus of coherency. As each door is approached with uncertainty, they all open up to beautiful vistas of sonic wonder. You can get an idea with tracks titled "Monsters", "Holly Hell", "Drone 1", "Small Drone".
There is a fluctuation between the ambient drift away feeling and the introspective looking into the makings of your mind. This is done very well and is so subtle, what could be one feeling for someone would be an altogether different emotion for someone else. Havenaire allows you this freedom and never hijacks your thoughts in one direction.

This cassette is part of the Winter Batch for Constellation Tatsu. Looks like many of these are in the collections of listeners with fine ears. There are more ready to be purchased from the label, and the batch is still available as well. Constellation Tatsu creates a beautiful package with vibrant artwork and music everyone needs to hear.

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