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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Monte Burrows - Ikki Ni

Orchestral music being pulled through time, stretched and contorted. Beautiful symphony droning with the confluence of thousands of compositions. Monte Burrows feels completely organic and absolutely natural.

Ikki Ni consist of two tracks, way to short for how magical this sounds. There is a comfort in listening to this delightful piece. Like having dreams, sometimes the moments within the dream we do not understand, but we grow to cherish them as aspects of ourselves. Ikki Ni is similar to this. Sophisticated breathing of aural wonder, thinning into heavy doorways that open with creaking foreboding. Monte Burrow accomplishes a splendid feat by using the warm familiarity of deeply resonating strings with environmental on the edge of intimacy. Elegantly composed and dressed for relaxation accompanied by peaceful thoughts.

Wounded Knife released this in early March of this year. Because Lost In A Sea Of Sound is a one person en devour, this was not written soon enough before all cassettes have sold out. If you want this in cassette format, you will need to do some internet looking. Good news for Wounded Knife fans (this is a quickly growing number of people), they have a very new batch of four tapes out ready for purchase. I am sure these will be sold out soon as well. Monte Burrows is ready to be heard digitally, any time you are ready!

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