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Friday, May 6, 2016

The Kendal Mintcake Presents All​-​Star Erotic Hypnosis

The Kendal Mintcake is so far out in space..... All​-​Star Erotic Hypnosis pretty much throws sound out of the speakers in some rhythmic chaotic pattern. Yes that is an oxymoron and this is a good description of where these sounds will take you. As far as hypnosis goes, The Kendal Mintcake is like watching a pocket watch swing back and forth, counting back words while your arms drop and you fall into a deep trance.

All​-​Star Erotic Hypnosis repeatedly pulsates on your eardrums for thirty minutes and through eight tracks. From the space invaders style funky jam titled "The Room is Spinning Around" to the turning alien radio dial montage called "Keep Your Head and Everything Will Be Cool", this composition leaves no room for sonic reprieve. Like listening to live meteor echoes in a cosmic shower, The Kendal Mintcake bridges the two spectrums of rythm and noise. I do not understand all of the porcesses contributing to creating All​-​Star Erotic Hypnosis, but there are times this makes me feel like this is the most insane carnival music ever created.

This is out now from Big Sleep Records in an edition of fifty. Available in the February Bundle or by itself. All of the cassettes are really done up and the music is pushing the thresholds to farther extremes.

Big Sleep Records - bandcamp