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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Thousand Foot Whale Claw - Cosmic Winds

Cosmic Winds is so aptly titled. These sounds push forth from Thousand Foot Whale Claw and envelope all ears that listen. Melodies and notes shed from this Austin, Texas project moving outward into space. Sometimes in simple and ambient harmony, then exploding with a controlled delivery, circling back trough the empty distances in between.

There is an other worldly feel to Cosmic Winds. Sounds crossing vast expanses then traveling back to the point of origin. Pulsating energy sources hidden deep within some planets core. Creating an aural sound field that travels in all directions. Strings plucked on a high cliff side, whirling noise blowing through the gorge below, then faint tribal drums of people who live at the chasms floor. Thousand Foot Whale Claw takes listeners on a real journey over the course of this cassette. Beautiful sounds that heat up causing your consciousness to lift and soar through the planets atmosphere, on path for solar departure. Heavier gravity tracks pulling you back, making you consider that all treks are filled with introspection and deeper thought. With nine solidly lengthy entries, over right around fifty minutes, Cosmic Winds has ample time to stage multiple departure points. Both gaseous and hazy worlds of sound collide with digital beats derived from futuristic cultures performing their daily tasks. The title track, "Cosmic Winds The Song", is the longest and is stellar at exemplifying all of the aspects of how diverse the entire tape is.

Thousand Foot Whale Claw has teamed up with Constellation Tatsu, a label pulsar emitting a beam of ambient radiation in exemplary forms. Cosmic Winds is part of the Winter Batch and is available by itself or with the entire group of three tapes. Definitely worth the small amount Constellation Tatsu has batches priced at!

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