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Friday, May 6, 2016

Vapor Lanes - A Thin Film

Vapor Lanes seeps through all cracks and crevices. Sound taking form of anything needed in order to burrow deep into your consciousness. From ambient field recordings, to industrial meltdown and even mutated pop songs. There is a vintage quality to these recordings, they hiss and crackle making you wonder when and where they are from. With amazing amounts of diversity, this composition has hooks for all listeners.

Many of the tracks from A Thin Film seem to breath at you. The tones and fuzzed out delivery finds all of the space in between the speakers and your ears. Like everything that happens in a dream, so much taking place, details are everywhere, but the focus is on the one event you can comprehend. That is not to say all of the minutiae is irrelevant, actually this is contrary, the specifics are what creates the over all feeling your thoughts maintain their course in. Vapor Lanes steams from a single source and shortly the room is completely hazy. I am not sure who is in there are what is making all of the sounds, just need to take the moment in focusing on nothing at all.

A Thin Film was released by Big Sleep Records in the February 2016 Bundle. There are fifty of these cassettes to go around. This northern New Jersey label is multifarious indeed. Their sounds are going to be difficult to pin down.

Big Sleep Records - bandcamp
Vapor Lanes - soundcloud - bandcamp