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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Burrower - Rule of Twelfths​/​Joy Tax

Here is the heavy noise, loud and live... The lid on top of it is being pressed down with so much might. Trying to contain the sounds, they still escape, flattened in order to make it through the small gaps in the enclosure. This creates a drone like assemblage with so much energy compressed, all working it's way out and deep into your mind.

Burrower is James Meakim and Matthew Simonson, and this is their combined hour long live recordings of sound opaque currents. The first side labeled "Rule of Twelfths", drops like a pendulum from the cosmos through the suns core, then swings clear again. This creates a sonic journey beginning with mesmerizing drone, increasing to red lined amplitude and falling away to the drift state again.
On the second side titled "Joy Tax", resembles dense like water molecules generating a powerful tidal surge flattening the land in it's path. Or the drone of a high volume of mass passing through miles of pipeline. Exposing all weaknesses of the structure containing the flow. The pressure finds these cracks, liberating itself in the form of reflective melodies heard above the turbulent continuance. 

This is out now and available on cassette from the artists bandcamp page. Not sure what the run on this was and there is little info on the artists from the links. They are based in Denver and they do play live!

Burrower - bandcamp - soundcloud - facebook