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Friday, June 3, 2016

DJ Too Slow - Fuck All

Crafty work by DJ Too Slow assembling music from music. The title is actually a conglomeration as well because when you fuck everything and everybody, "All" is the perfect pronoun too capture this essence. Music complied and slowed down into drone like mantras sung by inebriated monks. Gradually changing over the two forty minute long tracks.

Taken from albums by to different artists, these sounds were accelerated in a hadron collider. All tracks of each album were smashed together forming one new sound, an amassment of everything played as one. The first side is the process applied to  Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything by Andrew Weathers Ensemble. The second side, a similar rebuild with FUCK EVERYTHING by Casey Chisholm. Both tracks have hints of sounds from the originals, but are so completely different and uniquely creative.

This was released by the label Personal Archives in February of this year. One hundred of these were made and are available from the labels bandcamp page. Another deviation from anything traditional making Personal Archives a special resource for inventiveness in sound.

Personal Archives site -  bandcamp