Quickly Sold Out

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Galaxie Deluxe - III

Out of bounds sounds for your ears to hear and mind to ponder. Electronic frequencies received from listening devices bridging dimensions yet to be fully understood. Rolling through time on hilly passageways, this composition strains to reach the peaks and glides down into the valleys. Some tracks hit with squelching pitch and variance while others cool your body on hot summer days. Slow plodding rhythms changing to all out sonic attacks. A wild ride through a strange aural landscape.

Fifteen excursions into what seems like mayhem, but after listening, you begin to realize the precision in this crafted architecture. Sometimes the sounds get dark and heavy, penetrating your consciousness and flushing out your thoughts. Other tracks are more whimsical and approach the newly erected carnival waiting for your admission. Contemplative throughout, reaching for extremes, always interesting, keeping the listener engaged not excluded. 

Galaxie Deluxe's third release on OJC Recordings. These artists, Rigel Migelin & Ropal Jagnu kicked off the label's first release back in 2014 with the cassette simple titled I. Both previous cassettes are long sold out, but here is your chance to be one of the thirty recipients of the hour long dive into electronic deliberations.

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