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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Inner Travels - Clear Seeing

The beauty in the world is heralded by the senses we posses. The human mind glimpses and absorbs moments making impacts, articulating these instances into new exquisiteness. Inner Travels who is S. Targo, has been transcribing these points in time on numerous releases on as many labels. On this new cassette titled Clear Seeing, the allurement is grand and focused in length, making impressions all listeners will cherish.

Four tracks spinning in at right around forty minutes, fashioned with a cohesive morning mist that clears as the day progresses. From sunrise to sunset, Inner Travels connects the patterns of natural life. The sounds are so clear, allowing those who listen to see from hearing. From the opening track "Radiant Sunrise", birds awake as the suns rays are bent through the earth's atmosphere. Ripples of sound expand outwardly causing an almost trance like state for those paying attention. The terrain heats over the coarse of the day, the notes become sticky with humidity and everything slows. Finally the night sky appears and Clear Seeing radiates the entire composition into space above.

This is out on the label Inner Islands. Perfectly fitting into the wheelhouse for the genre of releases this Oakland outfit specializes in. Released in an edition of one hundred natural green cassettes. Available on it's own or in a special batch purchase of three tapes. This is a good really good batch, take a moment and give them all the time they deserve.

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