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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Kyle Landstra - Jeweled Moon Codex

Sustaining drift is far more beautiful to watch with living creatures rather than man made machines. Each dip and swell is a connection with evolution. Jeweled Moon Codex by Kyle Landstra stays aloft and has a similar feeling to watching birds ride the changing gusts.

The first half hour side is titled "Low Light Living". These sounds stay high in the atmosphere. The tones resemble the realm were gravity has only little effect, but it is there, and you are falling. The length of time is of no concern to measure. Maybe in some glacial time span in the cosmos, this composition is skipping off a planets outer pull.

"Jeweled Moon" is the title of the second track taking up the other long half hour of this cassette. In comparison to the first side, this composition has a lower bass like vibrancy. The note used take on a slightly more introspective tone for me. Done in a deeper scale, the drone of "Jeweled Moon" is thicker and grounds flight. The ebb and tide of sounds is strong in current and your consciousness can feel the weightier oscillation. Near the middle point of side two, the drone dissipates completely allowing the glimmering noises to peer from their abodes. Then we are gently enveloped again as the thickness sets in.

In the late spring batch from Inner Islands. Kyle Landstra has been many places over the last couple of years. I am happy to see a resting place at Inner Islands. They are probably pretty happy together.
In an edition of one hundred, ready to pick up in a batch or on it's own.

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