Quickly Sold Out

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Matthew Barlow - Hatha

Mathew Barlow has taken his skills from listening to creating and delivers a simply beautiful composition. As the title Hatha suggests, these sounds are suspended in the gravitational balance of the Earth, Sun and Moon. Patient, being conveyed effortlessly, pulling the weight of carnal responsibilities off your shoulders.

Hatha has an extraordinary ability to root you to the Earth. With the flute and the field like recordings of nature, there is a native essence to these sounds. At a half hour, to side long tracks titled "Sun" and "Moon", the points of origin are from a time lost. Trying to create peacefulness in sound is incredibly difficult. The issue is sometimes the feelings come across as too much. Like you are being force fed a piece of "New Age" pie. This over stuffing then ruins the entire taste. That is why we should commend Mathew for feeding us just the right amount and hope more skilled musicians learn creating tranquility is not just something to be done and sold on shelves.

In the newest batch out now from Inner Islands. The label showing the path to the serene harbor as great artists dock around it. One hundred were in this edition. Available and ready to find homes.

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