Wednesday, June 1, 2016

More Eaze - D0M​@​N3

If pop music had a photographic negative, More Eaze would be the image you see. Sounds seem to funnel through in reverse, whimsical and industrial, perfectly cooked. Sprigs of introspective heavy herbs to churn the mind. D0M​@​N3 touches down all around the world on a time trip we should all be envious of.

There is no place to really begin the description of D0M​@​N3 by More Eaze. The sounds are what they want to be and when they want to arrive. They are notes hanging on the end of marionette strings, dancing and playing. The fourth track "misremembered" highlights a beautifully played guitar and rest on the shelf as something recognizable. This is a departure because immediately following is an entirely new genre i term as Duck Hunters Glitch Pop. After this the sky drops with slowly falling notes forming puddles. Steadily sprinkling as mysterious insects come to life. Lastly the final track titled "aga1n" (hope these titles are not More Eaze's internet passwords!), sees the world being cleansed by bobbing microwaves, reconstructing matter into sounds used for the next project. An incredibly far from center gifted artist.

Out on Never Anything Records in the newest batch from April 2016. An Oregon label producing sounds from the unheard world. Released in a run of seventy five. Available now from the label's bandcamp page. 

Never Anything Records site - bandcamp - facebook