Quickly Sold Out


Friday, June 17, 2016

No Data - Uniform Groove with a Chisel

Sometimes you listen to tapes and your mind just numbs. Thinking about words to describe the sounds is so perplexing.... Uniform Groove with a Chisel by No Data bends the circuit board so far, cracks start forming and noise leaks out. A foray into the microcosmic world of synaptic sounds amplified and delivered to the human ear.

Well over a half an hour on ten tracks, Uniform Groove with a Chisel transforms itself before your ears. The noises arrive in their own time and space. Varying from subdued industrial sounds to a wrench torquing the nut so strongly, chaos happens. The tool slips, the fastener breaks, damage occurs. No Data played loud can seriously cause your mind to shut down in order to protect itself. This composition maintains its coherency from start to finish and has a slew of diversity. The strength of Uniform Groove with a Chisel is the foray into unexplored realms. No Data brings everything back from these ventures, revealing communications never heard before.

This is released on OJC Recordings label out of Los Angeles. This is the second release by No Data on OJC. The first was in May of 2015, now sold out. The newest No Data cassette is in a limited run of thirty tapes. Turn the volume up on this. Keep listening until you understand how creative sound can be.

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