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Friday, June 3, 2016

Sex Funeral - Eradicator

Eradicator has an ominous feel from the sounds it relinquishes. Lost in the seventies, with raw electric guitar and drumming to match. The sounds have perched themselves on the edge of rock and no wave music. Sometimes there are moments resembling segments of La Villa Strangiato by Rush then falling away to moments from James White and the Contortions BUY album.

Two side long tracks titled "Home" and "Away" spanning over thirty five minutes. From fathoms so deep, Sex Funeral is like punk music with to much creativeness for the listeners in that era. Both sides of the cassette are similar ranging from noise on the edge of rage to quieter portions where reflective guitar takes center stage. The entire listen is a journey through the minds of a guitar and drum duo with enough talent and timing, exposing the abilities of both musicians. Their world is chaos and refinement creating a stationary front of noise.

This is a March 2016 release by the label from Dubuque, Iowa Personal Archives. Available now and released in a batch of one hundred. Wild creativity harnessed and delivered on cassette medium is a Personal Archives standard.

Personal Archives site -  bandcamp