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Monday, June 20, 2016


As we listen to certain compositions of music for the first time, the atmosphere we are in causes the sounds to permeate into our consciousness or fall away without any more thought. Sister Grotto has a very special tone and feel, given the right conditions, it's like submerging your body into a crystal clear lake at the perfect temperature. The music completely envelopes all of your senses, and tranquilizes your concerns.

Sister Grotto is Madeline Johnston from Colorado. You Don't Have to be a House to be Haunted is her beautiful half hour long cassette consisting of three tracks. Piano, vocals, cello and other found sounds ride afloat on an ambient sea. When you are working with a slow and patient delivery, this genre of music is so hard to get correct. A tiny bit of too much emphasis in any direction, and the entire composition goes cheesy or forced. Genres like deep forest folk, not so goth or slightly newer age minimalism get red stamped on the release, dooming a greater number of people the chance to be exposed. They stay clear of  particular types of music. You Don't Have to be a House to be Haunted avoids all genres. That is what makes Madeline's tones and even the choir on the first song so beautiful. The sound is natural and makes a spiritual impact. Going back to the first line in this description, you need to give this the proper environment for listening. Madeline's voice is so ethereal, this cassette as background music just does not work. Some quality time for a very worthwhile effort in exquisiteness. 

You can find this at Sister Grotto's bandcamp page. There are some more cassettes worth taking a listen to as well.

SISTER GROTTO - bandcamp - facebook - soundcloud