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Monday, June 6, 2016

V N C F - P L E A S U R E D I S T R I C T

Here outside the stadium in Orlando at the Copa America, Costa Rica vs Paraguay!
Listening to the VNCF cassette titled PLEASUREDISTRICT. I am truly amazed how so many releases from Bonding Tapes not only fit right in with the scene, but actually augment the environment. The new VNCF release turns the dial to ten! An undefinable genre of music crashing in with a weighty and deeply chiseled groove. Solid but never dragging you away into it's space. Always allowing you to breath and enjoy the surroundings.

VNCF has been highlighted on both Bonding Tapes "Quality Time I & II" various artist tape releases. This is the first full length cassette for VNCF, and it is so well deserved. Seventeen tracks coming in at around a half hour. Some longer, some just snippets of beats and samples. There is mystery surrounding these sounds. Transmissions from time, like listening to radio picking up frequencies from all genres, but mutated from their existence in the continuum. Pop and rap music dripping with ambient goo, now reshaped for new ears to hear.

Most of all, with all of the tentacles reaching through some portal into the past, PLEASUREDISTRICT slings you forward, transporting you into the future. This composition by VNCF is wild and lives off infinite timescapes. Wrapping dimensions like birthday presents and opening them up as they emanate from your speakers.

Released in the middle of May by Bonding Tapes. So many mind expanding contributions before PLEASUREDISTRICT, and now the label lands this one! Available in a limited run of fifty. Go ahead and start listening!

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