Tuesday, July 19, 2016

555 - Thee Omega Seed

Remote tropical islands flipped upside down and heard through the density of the vast ocean. Thee Omega Seed is heavy saturated, sun drenched equatorial ambience. Christopher Farstad is 555 and this traverse into primordial eruptions relaxes our instincts and helps us understand the blink in time we live in.

What caught my attention with Thee Omega Seed was an almost Doppler effect in sound resonating from a past ambient classic. There are moments in Christopher's composition reminding me of Forth World, Volume 1: Possible Musics by John Hassell and Brian Eno. Touches on particular tones like in the third track "Fossil Nemesis", the sixth "Lean Life" and especially in the last track "Matter Becoming Spirit". Sparse beats that seem to come from points across the globe. Thee Omega Seed seed is returning sounds from time and space providing affirmation someone is listening and the music is enjoyed. There is an indigenous feel to these tracks, turning slowly in an aural prism, sending fascinating sonic waves outward. The pace throughout the seven tracks is steady and cohesive. Too much for sleep, more for daydreaming and pondering mysteries of this moment in time.

MJ MJ Records is providing high quality in both sound and art. 555 is the first of three artist released in the spectacularly done 2016 Spring Series Bundle. Sure it is summer now, but all three of this batch of tapes are available individually or still in the bundle. Don't miss this or any of the companion cassettes.

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