Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bary Center - No Stars

Music created for twenty four hours and all that happens within that span. Bary Center shape shifts and works into your mind. Listening to this tape, something will connect, and then when you think about it, all of the tracks are connecting. You just don't know it at the time. When it is all over you will press play again and realizing No Stars is slick and sounds fresh and cool.

Filled to the top with beats and synthesizer. The groove hears strong, evoking powers of devolution mashed with a dub-ious ice wave ray gun. Your head is pinned back with the sound nozzle shoved in one ear. Robot dance music being played way to loud for mechanical aural receptors. Causing humans to shed their responsibilities and get to the chill. The second time you hear this cassette through, just nod your head and say thanks. You will need a full first listen to understand how genius No Stars is. Mark Williams as Bary Center must have all the stars in his head. His ability to take simple and add the right ingredients and the correct amounts..... makes you thankful this tape has a home in you player.

MJMJ Records is a product of Andrew Todryk out of Minneapolis and Nico Stephou from Amsterdam. This label is producing some of the best sounds out there. This release by Barry Center is in a spring batch of three cassettes. All with beautiful cohesive artwork that includes handsomely printed outer sleeves. Each tape is unique and holds it's own sounds. If you love great music, striking art, and batches of tapes... MJMJ Records has sunk this three pointer. 

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