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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Damián Anache - Capturas del Único Camino

Sparse and intense, Damián Anache has manipulated real sounds with computers in processes beyond my understanding. Somehow using algorithms to take sounds and distribute them as the digital mind seams fit. Ambient music for AI, or what turns out as a pretty aberrant  affair for human ears. These sounds are never really harsh, more fleeting then completely concentrated. Like moving through an unknown space and as new areas are discovered, fascination or even fear surfaces.

Dived into four quarter of an hour tracks, the musical process stays constant though the entire composition. The first track Paisaje Primero revolves around a scattering of instruments fading in and out of desolation. Paisaje Propio uses computers to wield voice in an array of cohesive method. Paisaje Artificial is the darkest and most removed. Again the methods are the same, but the product evokes a very different response. Finally Paisaje Natural leaves the listener with an almost field like recording of some undiscovered hydraulic event hidden in Earth's mysteries.

Capturas del Único Camino has it's US release here on Already Dead Tapes and Records. This Chicago label has worked together with the label Concepto Cero from Argentina to reach listeners abroad. Released in an edition of one hundred at the end of May 2016. Cassettes are available from Already Dead Tapes and Records.

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