Quickly Sold Out

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Luke Lund - Katkos (Outage)

Sink into the depths of Luke Lund's vast consciousness. This aural canvas is immense, collecting foreign noise and beats, but never becoming cluttered. These sounds have room to tumble and develop. Much like man's exploration into new frontiers, there is a loneliness that tags along. New dimensions are simultaneously wondrous and frighting and Katkos captures this feelings with clarity and power.

Luke's composition is a stalwart monument in a barren world. His rhythms and electronic whirl, echo from unheard reaches. These tracks, nine of them, float in the empty space between futuristic dub and vintage industrial. I am not sure what the formula is making Katkos, but my comparison would be mixing SPK's Leichenschrei with Crooklyn Dub Consortium's Vol. 1: Certified Dope. This by no means is what Luke Lund had in mind, his sounds are his own, developed from years of skillfully making music and producing the components of his auditory world. Sometimes hearing new music reminds me of albums i have listened to. Including this in a description of something new helps in stabilizing music that exists in the periphery of genres.

Katkos moves the needle into the introspective world where harmony and noise clash. Any track on the tape could stand alone as a theme for the modern remake of Logan's Run (is this on the docket?).
The entire cassette works specifically well as a whole. With Katkos' girth of over forty minutes, the clashing beats and patient timing allow the listener to become involved, never alienating by over driving into cacophony. 

This was released in late May of this year by the label resting on the fifty fifth parallel, Still Heat Recordings. Specializing in outsider sounds for a world listening behind their windows. Get this one soon, only six copies out of fifty left as this last sentence is typed.

Still Heat Recordings - bandcamp - soundcloud - twitter