Quickly Sold Out


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Rodeo - Dust Bowl

Classifying Dust Bowl to the western frontier works with out question, but at the same time it lumps the entire sound into one genre. Actually Rodeo has composed much more than one genre can encompass. Sure there are the classic cowboy sounds of rich guitar, slide and galloping rhythm. Then, influences of a much bigger world both in time span and location float into Dust Bowl. Pretty mesmerizing as a whole. Rooted in the theme it transcribes, with musical tentacles reaching far.

This cassette plain and simple sounds excellent. There is definitely a theme held in place and this is done with the perfect amount of ingredients. For me, about half the tracks push towards the classic movie soundtrack sound of western cinema. The other half play into this but could be steered in a completely different direction. For example, "Transmissions", "No Man's Land", "Dusted Roads", "Knots on a Rusted Wire" and "Raised On Theses Barren Fields" take on the idea of riding on horseback on the open plain but could be pieces in a modern ambient ensemble with out any feeling of the west at all. Not saying these tracks should not be there, only noting Rodeo is much more than what the name and title portray. Reminds me of Bill Frizell's Ghost Town both in sound and the ability of the musicians.

This one looks like it is well on it's way to selling out from Already Dead Tapes and Records. Astonishingly release number two hundred and one for this Chicago label. In an edition of one hundred and available currently form their store. Don't miss this one, because everyone will enjoy hearing it!

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