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Thursday, July 21, 2016

talk midway - you wish us both in the water

Hammocks on the beach on a Polynesian island. Memories of the modern world play like samples in your head. The sweet guitar keeps driving thoughts away while the lull of saturated ambiance rolls like waves in the background. Talk Midway unfastens their sound, opening up time for unwinding and settling back. Eventually winding things down into a slow paced dream state. You wish us both in the water, provides duality in pace and creates a listening experience at multiple levels.

The first track of  you wish us both in the water titled "dawn", reminded me of a record of my past by Penguin Cafe Orchestra. The timbre of the guitars and soothing style they both are played, similar too is the mood they create. This comparison dissipates listening through all seven tracks on you wish us both in the water. The pace slows down synchronous with the idea of how Talk Midway wanted this composition to be portrayed. Each track represents a part of a full day, and as the day progresses into night, the music emulates the environment at that time. This is also mirrored on both side of the tape. One being day and the other night. The influence of field recordings throughout the recording adds depth by creating a canvas for the music. There is only just enough, maintaining tethers to the real world from the ambient journey Talk Midway takes us on.

So many releases from Already Dead Tapes and Records. Amazingly being as prolific as the label is, the quality stays as the highest standards, both in sound and art. You wish us both in the water was released in late June in an edition of sixty. Available from Already Dead Tapes and Records. A listening treat for such a hot summer!

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