Quickly Sold Out


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Amulets - In Flux

The heavy weight drone prize fighter is back with a cassette titled In Flux on the Wounded Knife label out of Warsaw. If you missed this one be sad. Amulets has gained extensive ground over the pass few years, releasing mesmerizing compositions in artful mediums. In Flux is another timeless classic journey in the crags of consciousness.

A half hour of music divided into four tracks. Beginning like a steam roller on freshly poured asphalt, the first track "The Mechanics of Breathing", smooths out your thoughts and prepares your mind for the sounds to follow. Now you can glide effortlessly through the remainder of the composition. The vistas of feelings to follow show beauty. Dazzling noises radiate from this heat drenched horizon. New life and tired souls speckle themselves across the vastness. Each telling a story, capturing your energy, then pushing you away onto another moment in time. Randall Taylor, the artist propelling Amulets, balances so gracefully on the drone edge. Never rising to high becoming glorified relaxing music, and never falling as low dragging your thoughts into uneasiness.

This is an excellent pairing of artist and label. Many people think so because this tape is sold out from the label. There is one for sale on discogs at this time.  If you missed this don't worry, all of the Amulet's releases are sold out as well as most of the Wounded Knife catalog. Follow and keep a look out for both the label and the artist. Amulets will be sure to release more goodness and Wounded Knife is hunkering down for new sounds and art in the near future.

Wounded Knife site - bandcamp - facebook
Amulets site - bandcamp - facebook