Quickly Sold Out

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Charles Barabé + Roadside Picnic - National House Milk

Transported across stylistic approaches and eternal lengths of time, Charles Barabé + Roadside Picnic plays like a stylus digging a groove into Earth's atmosphere. Signals from radio and satellite transmissions being absorbed and relayed back to home grounds for these artists. With talent and a well of experience, these sounds are brought to perked ears and wondering minds.

A percussive barrage as the dial turns searching for hidden harmonies. Nine untitled tracks that slowly begin to find focus. The composition takes shape like a turbulent stream freezing in the cold winter. What once was chaotic motion now has form as the sound molecules cluster together on the surface. The flow of notes somewhere below, ear drums have been lulled by a hibernation period. Almost into a drone state but never quite really there. The thaw begins on somewhere on the flip side.
Rested and accustomed to a world where static pelts your mind, you have awakened in a new dimension. The seventh track and the longest, has rooted piano notes reminding me of Jerry Goldsmith's "Planet of the Apes" opening foray. Although Charles Barabé & Roadside Picnic's rendition, if you would even call it that, is much more extreme and wild. The cassette ends with an eruption of noise, so much as to overflow what your mind can process.

National House Milk  was released in May of 2016 and is sold out from the label Wounded Knife. There is a copy available currently on discogs if you do not have this already. Wounded Knife releases are gone before i can write about them. The best way to keep up with the label id to sign up for their news letter or follow them on facebook. This Charles Barabé + Roadside Picnic is for music scholars to ponder over in future years to come.

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