Quickly Sold Out

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

German Army - Diego Garcia

It is almost if you do not buy German Army tapes, they find you and recruit your mind. Every tape i have by this artist is the best one. This release on Wounded Knife titled Diego Garcia is the freaking best one plus one. A lengthy forty five minute barrage of warped electronics and wobbled beats that will not fall.

An anthem for every day. Tight drum lines blended articulately with sinuous synthesizer sound waves. Each track nudging the thought process along, because you will get stuck in the patterns. The haze almost impenetrable from the dub like aura only German Army channels. Flickering images of eighties dance floors, early new wave buds on an industrial landscape. These images fade, the music exists in some future time. Diego Garcia has a mass of collected sounds from sinking musical airwaves lingering in the atmosphere. Forty five minutes to get lost in. Take this car ride only on Sunday and just go to look.

This is the fortieth release for Wounded Knife. Packaged with a beautiful fold out book, lots of love going into this, just like every release from the label. Out in late June and sold out for sure. Can not find any where to get a copy. Add it to your discogs want list, and give it a listen then purchase the digital. Worth it all the way.

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German Army site - facebookbandcamp