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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Lake Mary & Nathan Wheeler - Also

Beautiful Lake Mary. Music pulling from the natural beauty around us. As we listen, the sounds tranquilize the hectic world, leaving consciousnesses free from the weights they always seem to be carrying. This allows focus to explore any details and is especially suited for thoughts to bend around light breezes and radiant skies. Amazing how a half hour can travel by so quickly.

The path of Lake Mary & Nathan Wheeler has been well worn by generations before them. Also & Flamingo Cup, the two side long tracks making this cassette, play like ragas. Lake Mary paralleling the sitar while Nathan Wheeler adds the droned out girth of the tanpura. Unlike traditional ragas the roles reverse from side to side on this tape. The gorgeous piano work of Lake Mary on the Also side takes the reigns while the synthesizer of Nathan provides the drifting stability. On Flamingo Cup, Nathan's harmonium leads the way while the bowed guitar of Lake Mary drones like insects in the night. Both tracks uniquely gorgeous.

Wounded Knife released this in May of 2016 and it is sold out. This makes no difference. The beauty of modern technology lets you preview this cassette for free, and add it to your collection for a small amount. If you are interested in the physical cassette, there is one on discogs now. This is the second release for Lake Mary on Wounded Knife. Add your email to the label's newsletter to be sure magic number three is known before it vanishes.

Wounded Knife site - bandcamp - facebook
Lake Mary - bandcamp - facebook