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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Nils Quak - einige sehr populäre songs

Nils Quak lands at the Wounded Knife label and together they release einige sehr populäre songs. Half an hour of eight different finespun offerings. All sparkling crystals that flicker through the ethereal world Nils broadcasts from. Emptiness changing as notes drizzle from the sky, softly the feverishly and then flipping the tape, back to nothing again.

einige sehr populäre songs seems to have counterpart sides. Four tracks exploring a drone landscape that absorbs and radiates heat in an atmosphere less world. The surface breathes and this hazy composition lives in harmony with it's lonesomeness. The remaining four tracks show more signs of some form of life. The sounds on this side are crafted in accordance to a world sustaining sentience. From the strange almost mechanical combustion of "singular events framing the day", Nils moves to sounds that have specific meaning. From processes being recorded or music being made, the desolate drone world exists only on the dark side of the cassette (This would be the sticker side). This is a really sweet batch of songs all the way through, showing evidence of high levels of thoughtfulness and understanding.

As it is for most Wounded Knife releases, this is sold old from the label. Released just a while back in in June as well. I am pretty much amazed by Wounded Knife and how they have found such a resonate groove. One really good find is these tapes are still available from Nils, at his bandcamp page. There are a few sellers on discogs who have these cassettes very fairy priced too.

Wounded Knife site - bandcamp - facebook
Nils Quak - bandcamp - facebook