Quickly Sold Out

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Rafał Flejter - Siunjata

Sometimes music has the ability to get an edge inside our minds, gently prying open closed receptors and filling them with uplifting notes. Rafał Flejter has composed this short EP that spins with energy like the sun, radiating the space around and at times causing pleasant disturbances in our thoughts. Dense bands of electronics pass overhead, soaking through then leaving an affable breeze to cool the air.

Siunjata is four completely unique tracks, entangling with each other in an ambient wash. The feeling being emitted is delicate and inspiring. This is contrasting to how thick the music is, virtually becoming opaque with the layers of sound. Rafał has placed much energy into crafting how his music unfolds. Casting just enough artfulness to keep the listener to be involved, never overloading the electronic currents. Crackling drones allow the consciousness room and the capacity to shed thoughts, while the adept notes float through the newly acquired peacefulness.

This is the debut for artist Rafał Flejter. Wounded Knife has done a splendid job in getting Siunjata released. Excellent artwork and cool transparent red cassette. I guess this resonated with Wounded Knife fans because this is sold out from the label. Don't know where to find a copy of Rafał's debut,
but do check out his facebook page for a possible future release.

Wounded Knife site - bandcamp - facebook
Rafał Flejter - facebook - soundcloud