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Friday, September 30, 2016

Letters of Utrecht - Presence

Emptiness allows sound to travel and twist. The heaviness of it's beginnings fading with dissipating reverberation. Letters of Utrecht is sounding from a mountain peak. An oracle of mind summoning melodies, causing the surrounding world to take notice and listen. The pilgrimage to the source begins, Presence is here, no one can disobey the call.

This sound god is cool, bending guitar stings to work their way into your mind. In the forty minutes Presence exists, the composition balances the contribution of droned out melodies to perfect weights.
Notes seem to hover in the air, suspended by deft skills. Letters of Utrecht explores the aural world with beautiful patience. Like watching a canvas being painted in slow motion or cirrocumulus clouds moving so creepily across the sky. There are a few moments of Presence opening to exposure. The tracks "Sun Jaw", "Presence" and "Bone Ritual", shed away the drone and a tribal surf attack of drums and guitar thicken the surrounding air. Combined with the slow currents of sound making up the rest of the cassette, the overall feel is both diverse and consistent simultaneously. More like landing on some remote volcanic island and experiencing a native ritual that has developed over thousands of years.

This is a great cassette on a well followed label, Still Heat Recordings. If you do not have it then unfortunately it will be missed, because these are sold out from the label. This does not prohibit Letters of Utrecht from being heard or purchased digitally. This is also not up on discogs yet, so these fifty tapes are all in rotation in listeners decks. One last note, almost everything on Still Heat Recordings is sold out in physical form, so do not wait when you here something you like from this northern UK label.

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Letters of Utrecht site - bandcamp