Monday, October 31, 2016

American Cream Band - Live 2015 - 2016

Throwing the sounds backwards, American Cream Band sounds more like an African orchestra from the nineteen fifties and sixties. Psychedelic wind hits these beats and warbled notes are played through a relentless percussion exhibition. Groovy bass is the only root to this world. Heavy to say the least. While listening to Live 2015 - 2016 your attitude will be adjusted like subtle vertebrae on a giraffes neck.

Well over forty minutes across ten tracks, there is no stopping the force behind American Cream Band. Nathan Nelson plays with a multitude of musicians over a variety of venues. Improvisational blessedness for the Minneapolis Minnesota area. What surfaces is shark attacks of live music, biting listeners with well defined chomp patterns. Not sloppy gummy jams, but precise sound forays. From beats to drones, instrumental to vocals, jazz to rock, this is the cream of America.

A very thoughtful selection of live performances curated by Nathan Nelson. With so much to choose from, these tracks really represent the unique moments of guest musicians and spontaneous creation. MJ MJ Records has worked together with home town neighbor Nathan, making this music available for a much bigger audience. Get the tape at the label bandcamp page!

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Nico Stephou