Tuesday, October 25, 2016

anthéne - permanence

As our world rotates on it's elliptical orbit, the energy of all living beings is radiated beyond the planet's gravitational pull. Much like breathing, this energy rises and falls through the passage of time. From sparsely populated to famine from overcrowding, at peace or societies in war, natural disasters, baby booms, deforestation, and times of renaissance..., energy changes. This composition by Brad Deschamps as Anthéne captures what is natural, the energetic field of life on an evolving celestial body.

Permanence is a beautiful composition both in sound and physical presentation. Seven tracks across forty five minutes, takes the listener far below the surface. A deep plunge into sounds resting on the edge of a somber world of contemplation. An ambient journey that helps assuage the vastness all entities reside in. In a largely empty universe, Brad finds tones with feelings. His project Anthéne, captures the essence of this swirling ambient force, and at the same time, keeps this desolate drone in context with the expansive surroundings. This stunning foray into blissful space captivates the listener with it's melancholy warmth. A good composition to always go back to.

Permanence is a cd release on the Cathedral Transmissions label. Anthéne is Brad Deschamps who runs the Polar Seas Recordings label. The cd was released in a limited quantity and is sold out. Have not found any Permanence cds for sale, so enjoy the digital by listening and/or purchasing.

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