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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Arrows - Voyage

Swirling sounds from desolate realms where man had once been. Like tumbleweeds or what ever their counter parts are on distant planets. Arrows provides room for thought and contemplation with this slow roasted industrial ambient mind melting cassette titled Voyage. An abandoned fleet of transportation ships with creaking hulls and failing electronic processes. No one there to here the beauty of decomposition.

Voyage takes you through twelve tracks and clocks in right around twenty five minutes. Francesco De Gallo and Rémi Boudrias-Dussault have joined forces throwing wobbled sounds our way. Ears need to listen closely as these tunes are far from spiraling. Arriving rather off kilter, in fractured fractals. Their beauty is the distance they sustain in a foreign realm. An ambient crackle and hiss, beats echoing back from unknown depths. The diversity in sound for the number of tracks on this tape is very well composed. Maintaining fluency in articulation, Voyage is a solemnly constructed journey from start to finish. 

Crash Symbols brings this tape in for docking in an edition of two hundred. Out of that many, there are only two remaining from the labels bandcamp page. This has much to do with the quality of Crash Symbol releases as well as the artists themselves. Francesco De Gallo from Hobo Cubes and Rémi Boudrias-Dussault from Velvet Glacier, both with honed experience in the world of beats and drones parlaying electronic goodness.

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