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Saturday, October 1, 2016

GD Trio - Hot Games

GD Trio is an electronic jungle with sound vines hanging to the canopy floor. Organ drone that molts into noise insects with skin burrowing abilities. At times the sounds are patient and filled with slow grooves. But without light from the sky above, this trek can go through some pretty untamed stretches. Hot Games is exactly that. Physically challenging and fun to participate in the listening experience.

Divided into four tracks and over forty minutes in composition, GD Trio has time to roll out the sounds. The pattern Hot Games follows seems to consist of tightly wound drones or melodies that unravel into controlled mayhem. There is a duality in the structure and with the length of the cassette, the approach works well. The last track titled B2 is the most stable all the way through and brings in vocals. Majestic anarchy for tape players to gobble up.

This is the most recent release for OJC Recordings. In an edition of thirty, tapes are available from their bandcamp page. Looks like this is also the first release by GD Trio on OJC Recordings. Most everything sells on on this label, so get a copy, there are not that many.

OJC Recordings site - bandcamp - facebook - soundcloud