Quickly Sold Out


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hillboggle - Up the Country with Hillboggle

A live sound collage exploring the limits of electronic and acoustic composition. Up the Country with Hillboggle is Derek Gedalecia and father David preforming together. Instruments and cathodic dervishes compacted together, flattened out and rolled up in a ball again. These sounds are like storm clouds moving in. Thundering in randomly then becoming quiet and distant. There are no patterns, only atmospheric chaos.

Two side long tracks each at about seventeen minutes. One recorded at Voice of the Valley Noise Rally in Millstone, West Virginia and the other in Columbus, Ohio. David plays sounds from the acoustic world of banjo and dobro while Derek obliterates these melodies with his wicked machinery. The sky seems to fall in pounding listeners with static electricity in the form of noise. The overall temperament somehow remains subdued. Everything happens at a consistent pace never alienating those caught in the path. You continue to stay and hear, because this is a fascinating abstract alms to those yearning to stand at the threshold of music. Up the Country with Hillboggle will require many listens to fully comprehend the talent of it's construction.

Crash Symbols, the label from Morgantown, West Virginia made one hundred of these tapes and they are all sold out. Dereks huge discography as Headboggle and the label itself, contribute to a large following. Looking at the regular places, there seems to be zero of these cassettes available at this time. Add one to your discogs want list, listen and/or purchase the digital is the way to go for now.

Crash Symbols site - bandcamp - facebook