Monday, October 31, 2016

IE - Live - 7​/​21​/​2016

Driving sounds pumping your consciousness full and clearing out ambient cobwebs. IE surges forward with pulsating synthesizer mercury. Heavy and free flowing sounds, sparkling in a turbulent electronic current. Energy to remove the madness of the daily world.

This is a live recording of IE at the Profile Event Center in Minneapolis. Each side of the tape is a ten minute foray on to open night roads, where speed is blurred by the distance light can travel. IE is a four person ensemble with John Vitale on bass, Meredith Gill with a percussive assault, Michael Gallope and Travis Workman melting fingers to the keyboard arrays. This group produces tones that hearken to times of hazy tripped out early seventies bands. Listeners being absorbed by their surroundings as ambivalence of the world around them creates the one moment they are in. IE is incredibly smooth with sounds balanced together so very well. They seem to fall into the pipeline and finally appear after the wave ends.

This cassette is part of the three tape live series/batch release by MJ MJ Records. All three releases are well conceived. IE pushes the sounds of this batch into the next gear. In an edition of one hundred. The beautiful as always artwork for the entire batch is done by Nico Stephou

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Nico Stephou