Thursday, October 27, 2016

Kösmonaut - Master Generator

On winter islands, in a still forest of pines, a lone warrior parts motionless molecules with an incredibly sharp sword. Percussion and strings echo through the consciousness as frozen air is cleaved in a rhythmic well practiced dance. The picture fades as the land is bombarded with the static of time. Ride the iron train of drone and enjoy the sounds more than the sights. The ethereal whistle blows for so long as the rumble of motion vibrates through the mind. Somehow hollow and completely dense simultaneously.

Amazingly the Kösmonaut release Master Generator is finely deft in the art of mutation. By the time track four "Waiting Room" ends, a new cycle of sound starts with "Lumbar Puncture". Finding home in a middle eastern tone and timber and covering the sound field with a smokey obscurity. Back to an almost frightening ferry through ambient haze, notes chiming like broken shutters in the wind.

The sky radiates again, not with sunlight but sustained glow from meteors burning up in the atmosphere. All darkness as the sounds diminish. One flame ignites as the world drone begins again. The last track, the title track, "Master Generator" frays the lines once more and spirals away into ethnic ambient bliss.

Available on cassette from A Giant Fern. This was released in the summer in an edition of fifty. Kösmonaut is Patrick R. Pärk, and this release is dedicated to his daughter Sevigny. Patrick has used his talent and skills to Heal Through Music. You can read more here. An excellent release for A Giant Fern, falling right in to the label's core of sounds.

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