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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Painted Faces - Hermit of Bushwick

Slowly unfolding, Painted Faces has the patience to feather the sound canvas with mesmerizing delectation. If anyone is intrigued by genres being mashed together, they should listen to Hermit of Bushwick with special interest. David Drucker has moved off into a style of music that could be called lo-fi drone pop. Not  sure if this was the his intention on the initial composition start, but Hermit of Bushwick is difficult to classify, making it hypnotizing.

This cassette is completely different to say very plain and simply. Nine songs that move from twinkling electronic wander to sporadic vocals twisting your mind. Listen and think about the words Painted Faces conveys, poignant and haunting simultaneously. There is a drone quality sometimes becoming clearly apparent then disappearing into blistered deconstructed guitar, making itself heard in the moonless night. I want to say... Amps for Christ mixed with a Zappa record that wobbled off the turntable. Great cohesiveness as a complete composition. Relaxation with out napping, just five to ten second drifts.

This was released at the beginning of August on Already Dead Tapes and Records. There are fifty black cassettes and twenty green. Amazingly there are fourteen releases after this on the label in a little over two months. The good thing, Hermit of Bushwick is still available from the label.

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