Saturday, October 1, 2016

R. Magellan - Sleepy TV

R. Magellan is a label veteran for OJC Recordings. This is the fifth release by this artists on the label, the third solo cassette. Sleepy TV is an interesting choice for a tape title. The sounds on this cassette have a nostalgic feel to television of the seventies and eighties. Some how the sounds are warped or they are from tv shows being aired in alternate dimensions. The sounds are actually much better than tv i remember. A little slower and more impacting, like they were aged in floating airwaves and pulled in before they completely dissipated.

Sleepy TV is eleven tracks broadcast over a half hour. R. Magellan's approach is very consistent over the entire composition. There is a wide range of characterizations that change from track to track, but the overall tempo holds true. Compared with past works from R. Magellan, Sleepy TV stays in the groove the longest and has an almost vintage feel to it. The sounds are almost hazy and portray a subdued quality. These are sleepy grooves from a forgotten time.

This was released in mid July by OJC Recordings. Both label and artists have been working together since the labels start. Everything by R. Magellan has sold out from the label and i am sure Sleepy TV will follow the same course. Available now for very few dollars, like all OJC Recordings tapes.

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