Thursday, October 27, 2016

Rhucle - Colourless

Beautiful ambient music is always a nice treat to listen to and write about. This release on A Giant Fern by Rhucle, is a substantial addition to tones evoking higher spiritual awareness. As with all music on the this razor edge pathway up, the talent rest in never reaching the top or looking down below. Understanding spirituality revolves around the thoughts that it will never be fully understood, or even partially for that matter. And in this realization, the disappointment associated with never reaching a goal and always being on a journey, can be frightening. This cassette titled Colourless by Rhucle mirrors those thoughts in sound.

This composition focuses on the process of points in between. Hovering in this realm for long enough, the allurement becomes hypnotizing. Colourless consist of eight tracks covering close to forty minutes. A drone world pushing past the infrared and finding place in longer wave lengths. Complete peacefulness in sound, and this is incredibly difficult to achieve. Setting out to create a composition used for the sole purpose of meditation often results in a strained outcome of over the top sounds. Rhucle seems to only express the feelings and temperament existing in or around the time Corlourless was created. This makes a unique recording in the sense this same state might never be exposed again. Fortunately for anyone who enjoys these splendid tones in ambient music, Rhucle is in a groove with two releases new release on Oxtail Recordings and Constellation Tatsu.

Start here with Colourless on A Giant Fern label. Of the three newest cassettes by Rhucle, this one hovers like a light for your consciousness. Like a newly spun web with the the spider on sudden holiday. There is such delicate beauty and no danger at all.

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