Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ropal Jagnu - Junior's Choice

Here are some heavy sounds to help gear up for battle. Ropal Jagnu seems like he has taken all of the dub music in the world and shoved it into a small box. He stands on his captured prize wielding an electric guitar, annihilating any escaping beats. Not sure Junior's Choice has anything to do with dub, although there are moments within that possess the Ropal Jagnu meets Scientist feel.

Churning through about thirty minutes Ropal Jagnu fires out nine tracks on Junior's Choice. Snakefinger and Hasil Atkins served at zero kelvin. The molecules of sound produced barley move in this completely frozen state. This is the only way to keep these sounds in check. Pounding beats, disturbed by flailing electronics. The beauty is it makes sense. There is a pretty wicked groove to follow on Junior's Choice. Sometimes it undulates over the edge, but not for long until the sounds run their course again.

This is Ropal Jagnu's second full length cassette on OJC Recordings and fourth overall. For accessibility by new listeners Junior's Choice is by far the best place to start. The sounds are definitely created by a consciousness hearing something completely different, but they are composed in a manner for more Ropal Jagnu/OJC Recordings enthusiasts to enjoy. This is a tape that gets better and better with each turn in the deck. Available from the label's bandcamp page. Don't miss out because all of the other Ropal Jagnu recordings are sold out from OJC.

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