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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

strom noir - the white colour of the clouds

Celestial bodies moving in ageless space. Drifting, falling, floating through time. A courtly procession of movement augmented by the sounds of Strom Noir. Cosmic Winnetou has companied with Emil Maťko who is Strom Noir, together releasing the white colour of the clouds. Close to forty five minutes of Arcadian sounds for a higher realm.

On this cassette, Strom Noir stays aloft in the drone world. The sounds within evoke feelings of majesty rather then mayhem. The world sparkles, as the clouds capture and then release the sun's light. Of the six tracks on the white colour of the clouds, all but one are patient slow burners. Track number four titled "because you left" is ironically named, because this is the moment Emil uses more of a static/electric style of drone. This comes as almost an interlude to the barren and blissful monster of a piece, tilted "concrete, bone & dreams". The longest of the tape that moves straight into a similar sounding final composition titled "chvenie". Sounds timed with the movement of our planet around the sun, the moon around the earth, the stars rotation in the sky. From side to side, this is a very sweet sounding cassette that exposes Strom Noir as a brightly burning ember.

From the August batch on the Cosmic Winnetou label. This one is sold out from the source but there are copies available from Strom Noir's bandcamp page and also on Tomentosa as well. Get this quickly because it will go into collections before you blink.

Cosmic Winnetou site - bandcamp - soundcloud