Quickly Sold Out


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tristan Welch - Washington D​.​C.

Allaying hum of unseen electromagnetic energy cast from poll to poll above the earth's atmosphere. In a silent world where no ears can hear, sound goes no where. Tristan Welch harnesses onto this spectrum of obscured frequencies. The elusive energy in the air before us, funneling this moment in time deep into our consciousnesses.

Two side long tracks edging into your mind like space dust covering the solar system. This composition breathes the higher drone. The feelings are ultimately relaxing. Titled Washington D.C., Tristan finds grooves in simplicity and patience. Allowing thoughts to expand while these droning notes occupy the emptiness. Like an electric blanket to protect the body as the spirit travels in distant space. Washington D.C. allows your mind to become keenly aware of the unkwon sounds that swaddle our physical selves. You will want an auto-reverse cassette player on continual loop when this tape goes into the deck. 

Take a moment and absorb the goodness! Copies of Washington D​.​C. are available from Tristan's bandcamp page. Not sure how many there are, but the word is getting out. There are three other write ups you can read and all of them have good things to say. I think the physical copies are going to disappear quickly.

Tristan Welch - facebook - bandcamp